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February 26th, 2014 Women and Dating: Pieces of Advice that Might Help You Find that Special Someone

The gap between the difference of men and women is so huge that up until now, no individual is able to understand the opposite sex. But, when it comes to dating, there is one thing that the opposite sex has in common. Find a date that they like. However, even in that aspect, there still lies a difference. Women prefer to find their special someone and to find that special someone, women go on a date.  But, when they do not find that person soon, they get disappointed and discouraged. The thing is it is not always like that. With some knowledge concerning the subject combined with some dating advice for women, finding that special someone will be possible.



Advice # 1: Start Things Slowly, Do not Rush Anything


Once you get a date, keep in mind that you are just dating, with emphasis on the word ‘dating’. It means, do not start talking about the future, specifically, those relating the two of you in a higher type of relationship. Otherwise, it is as good as scaring men off. As you know, men are scared of subjects concerning commitment. Just take things slowly and have fun with the company of each other. Let the bond between you get established. Do not put the pressure on them by talking about such subjects.


Advice # 2: Date Men With the Same Interest as Yours


Dating, when done properly combined with the attraction between the involved persons, can lead to a relationship. In every relationship, there must be compatibility to ensure a strong foundation. Therefore, as a dating advice for women, you must date someone with the same interests as you. The common interest you both have helps in establishing friendship. These common interests would help the relationship and both of you to have something that lasts for a long time.


Advice # 3: Practice Honesty All the Time


When it comes to dating, lying about one’s age, occupation and other similar things is always a possibility. It is something that you must avoid even at just the first meeting. Being honest with your date at all times helps in building trust between the two of you.


Advice # 4: Plan Out the Day with Fun Activities


Do not let yourself feel bored while on a date. Make a list of fun activities that will eliminate the possibility of boredom in the dating duration. The activities can help in getting the two of you out of the comfort zones and enjoy the company of each other. This will make both of you much closer.


Advice # 5: Do Not Get Too Possessive


In this advice, you must remember that you are just on the dating process. It is fine to text and call them, but don’t do it always. Otherwise, you just make them feel like being controlled. Try to limit calling and texting them. That way, they will still feel their independence.


The most important dating advice for women that you must remember is to never lose the real you. You do not need to change yourself just to impress your date. Just be yourself and let your date know the real you.

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