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November 19th, 2014 Aquaponics vs Hydroponics

Aquaponics and hydroponics are systems that both use water to help cultivate plant. The difference between the two is aquaponics focuses on achieving a healthy life for both fish and plants while hydroponics are solely concentrates on the growth of the plant. Diy Aquaponics are more on the natural path of growing plant and nurturing fish and hydroponics is focused in simplicity. Knowing aquaponics vs hydroponics is important in order to help one understand more about these systems.

Aquaponic Basics

This is a system that is quite part of the hydroponic system but aside from growing plans, it is a system that concentrates between the mutual relationship between the plant and the fish. Instead of soil, aquaponics uses the waste for the fish as their food. This is a unique way on how to grow a plant that only uses water. The plants only depend its nutrients from the waste of the fish, which make this an easy way for you to have a nutritious food and fish that is healthy as well.

Hydroponic Basics

This is also a system that uses water to offer plants the chance to grow. The added nutrients into the water is fed into the plants allows them to grow fast. The bubble system helps to lift the needed nutrients that the plant needed to grow effectively. The use of reservoir also helps to hold the nutrient solution and water together to help you acquire the best opportunity. Hydroponic system usually does not require too much effort when feeding the plant.

Aquaponics Advantages and Disadvantages

Aquaponics systems don’t require the use of nutrient solution because the plant obtains if from the waste of the fish. The whole process is organic from the start to finish. After setting up the system, the only product that you need to buy often is the fish food. On the other hand, the only problem with aquaponics is the amount of time that you need to spend to care for the fish. You also need to choose the right fish for aquaponics because not choosing the fishes carefully can cause you certain problem in the future.

Hydroponics Advantages and Disadvantages

Hence hydroponics system only concentrates on plants, wherein you don’t have to worry anything. You also need to check the pH level of the water. You just need to focus on your plant as compared to aquaponics wherein you have to worry about the fish and plant. On the other hand, when it comes to the increase of the plant, it will require maintenance. The need for nutrient should be flushed usually as they can prevent the buildup of chemicals and salts. The algae growth is also very common with hydroponics.

Both aquaponics and hydroponics have their advantages and disadvantages but overall these are both useful system that can effectively help one to save the environment. This is an imperative option for you to be able to conserve the energy. This is the best way for you to save the energy.