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May 6th, 2014 Picnic Games: Excellent Addition to Outdoor Activities

Going on picnics have been a common and apparent practice undertaken by individuals who have the desire to escape from busy and stressing world and experience fun, relaxation and enjoyment even just for a while. Picnic is never complete without picnic games on the scene. These games are excellent addition to this outdoor activity and have the power to fill everyone’s day with lots of fun and happy memories. Picnic games can also be great instrument to reunite families and provide other individuals means to spend quality time together.

Foods and refreshments are common scenes during picnic but games are the most important highlights that make this activity more engaging and enjoyable. It is necessary to plan beforehand concerning the games you plan to be performed during the picnic to ensure that all will enjoy and make the best of their playtime. Some of these picnic games are in need for particular tools or materials so you need to be prepared for this. However, there are more games that everyone can enjoy without the need to prepare lots of thing and follow numerous instructions.

Individuals must choose picnic games that perfectly match the age, skills, interest of those who are joining the picnic. If the picnic comprises mostly of family members, it would be best to choose games that promotes intimate bonding, teamwork and camaraderie. Individuals can consider games like tug of war, face painting, badminton, sack races, truth or dare, hide and seek volleyball and many more. The watermelon relay is one of the exciting and thrilling picnic games that many picnic goers love to play.

Watermelon Relay is similar to potato sack race however instead of jumping on the sack the children must roll the watermelons. The player who successful rolled the watermelon back and forth successfully wins. The Water Balloon Tossing Game is also another exciting game that picnic goers can try. Every player must have his partner and every partner will be given a water balloon.

Ask players to stand close to each other and throw the water balloon back and forth. Every time the balloon was tossed, the player should take a step forward. The farther the player goes, the higher the possibility that players will not catch the water balloon and it will possibly break. The players with the most intact balloon win.

There are lots of picnic games that individuals can add up to their outdoor activity. However, in order to ensure that the entire day will be filled with fun and enjoyment, proper planning is must. Whether individuals are planning for corporate or family outing or picnic it would be best to choose picnic games that are appropriate and unique. The right games chosen can guarantee a day filled with outside fun.


Other picnic games to be considered include ball games, three legged race, tag games, Scavenger hunts, relay games, circle game and learning games. The list of picnic games is truly endless and picnic goers are given lots of choices. They have the liberty to choose games that they believe will be most engaging and enjoyable.




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