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June 13th, 2014 Maid Of Honor Speeches For Cousins – The Do’s and Don’ts

Being given the role as the maid of honor is a flattering thing, but it also involves lots of work. There are the tasks about helping with the wedding planning, bridal shower and more. Came reception time, you will need to give a toast. The task becomes more of a pressure if the bride is your cousin. After all the pre-wedding stress you have to endure, it is only expected that giving a speech will be the least thing you would want to do. But, you will have no choice, but to make one even impromptu.

You do not have to add stress to what you are already feeling. Here are some of the tips that can guide you when making a speech for your bride cousin.

What You Have To Say

No matter how pretty the flowers and cakes are, the toast-part will always be the most-awaited part of any wedding day. That is because it has a way of filling the day with significant memories always to be stored in one’s mind. Here are the do’s and don’ts you need to keep in mind.

In opening of the speech, be open about who you are and your relation to the bride. Not all guests are from the bride’s side, so it is helpful to let them know more about you. Do not start the speech with a joke. Better to start with sweetness and sentiment.

For the things you have to say about the bride, you can start with the thing you love about her. Her positive attributes like being able to lighten up a room with her presence. Do not say anything that can signify her getting the last mate among her friends.

Follow this with the bride’s love story. Tell a story about how the bride met her The One. Then, ready your stored funny stories. It is a big no-no to tell anything about how the groom is different from the bride’s past partners.

Then, turn the speech about the groom. Share things about what you like most about him. Like how sweet he is to her. And, never make a joke about how you want to clone the groom, so you get a turn to date home. You would not want to be thrown with a fish fork.

Addressing both of the groom and bride follows next. Maid of honor speeches for cousins are not just focused on the bride. There should be a part when both have to be addressed. And do not make it a talk about yourself.

Keep on the charm! That is what you always need to remember when delivering a speech. Make it elegant since you are speaking to a large number of people. Prepare all your positive stories about the bride. Keep off from making inside jokes even if it is how you joke around.

Last is to end it with wishing them wonderful days in the future. Do not just end your speech with Cheers! You want to leave a memorable speech to the newlywed couple and guests, so make it the best!

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